Monday, June 8, 2009

Moon This Sunday

A bunch of us are going to see Moon this Sunday. What is moon? Moon is an awesome looking movie that is probably going to be full of awesome. And on top of that it has Kevin Spacey who hardly acts anymore.

Don't take my word for it.

Watch this trailer instead:

The movie is getting a limited release in NYC and LA so we can see it. Let me know if you are interested in coming


  1. sounds good, are we shooting for a certain time or something? Adam and Sean were talking about catching the bball game.

  2. oooo, that put a tingle in my cremaster. Me go.

  3. Yea, the game is on sunday at 8:00... but its game 5 of the series, so there's a chance the lakers will win the whole thing by thursday night and this wont be an issue.

  4. aw snap! this movie is right up my alley can we pleeeeeeease postpone until I get back from chicago? (I get back Father's day)

  5. Negative on moving to father's day, then I'll be gone...