Monday, June 8, 2009

Shakespeare in the park

For those of you who aren't on my gmail list, I'll be going to wait in line for Twelfth Night tickets on Thursday the 18th.
Here is my description from the invite:

It's that time again...
bring your sleeping bags, tents*, snacks, and sleepy selves, and meet us at the Delacorte theater for some early morning fun.
Talia and I usually aim to get there by 7am- at which point we park ourselves on (in for Tiff) the line, and take a lovely nap in the shade.
By 10am, the theater ppl start monitoring the line, so it's a bit harder to fall asleep. However, at that time, we usually take out our entertainment supplies: snacks, crosswords, HP books, other books, magazines, sandwiches, etc.
The less prepared my order food and/or coffee from local delis who will deliver to the line by shouting your name while walking up and down it.
Ticket distribution starts at 1pm, and once they start handing them out, it goes by pretty quickly. Each person on/in line can get up to two tickets.

Hope to see you there!

*Talia and Leat (sadly) do not promote the pitching of tents on Central Park property. However, if one were to ask us about assembling tents while on line, we would have this advice:
1. Tents in the park will help you make friends. If you are planning on attending this event while incognito, do not pitch a tent.
2. The parks people will ask you to rotate your tent so that it doesn't stick out into the walkway. Align your tent parallel to the edge of the lawn to avoid being woken up.
3. At 10am the theater people will be Debbie Downers (for Lauren) and make you break down your tent- This will result in much sadness and heartache, to be (partially) resolved only by delicious sandwiches.

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